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Gloria Glasgow

About ten years ago I had the privilege of meeting today’s guest author, Gloria Glasgow, at a writers group while visiting my family in South Carolina. I remember being very impressed with her work that night. Gloria has recently published her book, To Blossom out from Hiding.

Gloria has dedicated many years as an educator, social worker, counselor and life coach to aid in enriching many lives, particularly to teenage girls and young women. It is Gloria’s heartfelt desire to offer her skills and counsel to aid in enriching lives. 

Wife of thirty-four years, mother of two, and grandmother of three, born and raised in South Carolina, where she now resides, Gloria is a Christian and devotes her life and works in edification of her faith. An educator, human services professional and entrepreneur, it is my privilege to introduce today, author, Gloria Mangum Glasgow.

Gloria Glasgow and the cover of her book, To Blossom Out From Hiding

About To Blossom out from Hiding

Lydia: To Blossom out from Hiding is a book you have said was written especially for women. Would you tell us about your book, Gloria?

 Gloria: To Blossom out from Hiding is a book of personal testimony, and hopefully one which inspires and encourages to live life in fullness,  while engaging one’s true essence; bringing together heart and mind into a wholesome balance; rising above certain imposed expectations and traditions which may stifle personal growth and development. For those needing to receive, To Blossom out from Hiding will motivate to go inside self and pull out the authentic one which personifies the core; thus uncovering hidden elements– talents, dreams and passions. Then, to realize that amid responsibilities and obligations, a true sense of self is to be maintained and lived so as to experience a purpose-filled, joyous and content life. Realizing, self is not to be forsaken.

Lydia: I remember coming into adulthood and having to battle those emotions that come from imposed expectations and traditions. It was a challenge –– and one I could not face alone. This is so good, Gloria, I can’t wait to hear more, and in saying so, I will ask my next question: What or who, would you say has most inspired you to write your book?

Gloria: It is my mission, and with assurance, I believe it is God who has directed me to share insightful information beneficial to deepen the quality of life – and particularly the lives of women.

Experientially, I understand and see evidence that oftentimes in the lives of women; heart desire stands contrast to actual performance – allowing expectations, obligations and traditions to override personal needs and wishes. Yet, remain steadfast on this path while establishing this conduct as a way of life. Subsequently, the inmost self fades, and true self becomes hidden within.  

To Blossom out from Hiding – Especially for Woman aims to open eyes to certain truths which have been discounted or ignored; to examine feelings and opinions which remain undisclosed and unspoken, and to bring those truths front and center. 

I believe that all are entitled to experience life in a manner which offers peace, contentment, and joy. And if at all possible, and within honorable standards, one should pursue it unto its attainment.

I feel that disclosing about myself will encourage others to determine their own truths, and to deal with those truths accordingly.  To Blossom out from Hiding offers viable suggestions for  moving forward, establishing a renewed mindset and guidance on the path to explore the treasured asset of personal choice. 

I am eager to share what God has placed on my heart, and I trust as you read each page you will begin to feel empowered, refreshed and rebooted.

Lydia: What is it that presses you forward, that gives you that burning desire?

Gloria: I believe many live their lives sacrificing themselves for the sake of those to which they are committed, and in the midst forsake their own well-being and distinctiveness. One should be accountable to responsibilities, but not to a point of losing a sense of true self. It is most important, crucial actually – to exercise who you are as an individual – knowing, respecting and engaging self; understanding that when one fails to invest the needed time and effort, individuality isn’t cultivated, one’s voice isn’t asserted, and one’s dreams and passions aren’t brought to fruition. True essence is hidden and fails to blossom to the fullest.

Lydia: You have said it is your desire to speak to the hearts of women who experience a similar plight which involves a particular mindset. Would you elaborate on this for us?

Gloria: My aim is to inspire one to explore the heart and mind connection, and to unveil the true one who resides inside of self; to understand that there isn’t a definitive mold which fits all women, rather to realize each is an individual and that God has gifted each with a special design. That special design is to be pursued, captured and lived. That to love, respect and develop self is a testament to God – to exert what He has placed in you as an individual.

Lydia: In Hebrews 10 we are told to “stir up one another to love and good works”—to encourage one another, and that’s exactly what you are doing. You’re stirring us up, you’re encouraging us. If you were to leave us with one piece of advice today, what would it be?

Gloria: My advice to all is to first love and honor God, to love and respect self as an individual, and love and respect others – in that order.  For loving God allows you to put all others in proper prospective, and to love and respect yourself places you in a right order to extend yourself to others in a wholesome manner affording you an existence of joy and contentment. 

Lydia: It has been a delight doing this interview with you, and I must say I am looking forward to hearing what great blessings and opportunities unfold for you and your readers.

• • • • •

Gloria’s Dedication of To Blossom out from Hiding

There are many to whom I owe gratitude; however, I dedicate this particular writing to five women who have deposited into my life lasting and loving impressions – my five sisters, Necie, Willie Mae, Louise, Alice and Gladys; often times, the wind beneath my wings. 

In memory of my sisters: Necie – the eldest and the motherly one, deposits a sense of family connectivity; that to bond with one another is the backbone of a family. And, I fondly-remember her unique sense of humor.  Willie Mae – the adventures one, deposits an appreciation for the joys of life; food, travel, and all people. And her wise advice, “Trust in the Lord and wait on Him to guide you” I shall always be mindful. And Louise, an exemplifier of courage and strength, deposits a seed of bravery and an awareness to maintain a smile even at time of adversity. The memory of her infectious laughter warms my heart. 

To Alice and Gladys, the business one and the intuitive one, please know that your love, support, and prayers I can always depend. I am so proud to call you sister. Life is enriched because you are a vital part.

In recognition of my friend Grace, who is like a sister; thank you for your undying encouragement, cheering me on to complete this book. You are indeed a true friend.

In loving appreciation to my immediate family, John, Lemont and Tammi, I am immensely grateful for your presence in my life and your unfailing support.

• • • • •

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