Growing Up in the South

The Tragedy of Alice Flagg

A plain marble slab marks the final resting place in a historical cemetery in Georgetown County, South Carolina. The inscription on the marble top simply

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Shadows of Yesterday

A few weeks ago, my mother shared an essay with us. Today, she is bringing us that essay’s counterpart, a poem entitled Shadows of Yesterday.

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Vicksburg and the 4th of July

It was a necessary victory. General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of the Department of Tennessee had already made several attempts to reach the Breadbasket of

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Ol’ Man River

Recently I purchased a book about Mark Twain written by a local author. For years I have enjoyed the collection of stories Mr. Twain has

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Catherine Moore Barry

In 1776, when war broke out, the Moore’s of Walnut Grove Plantation, were in imminent danger. Tensions were rising, and not just between the Americans

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The Vidalia Onion

What makes the world famous Vidalia onion so unusually different? How is it that this succulent vegetable has such an ambrosial flavor? In late spring,

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About Lydia

A South Carolina native, Lydia Cameron resides in the foothills of Northern California with her husband, youngest son, and six-pound poodle. Lydia is a pastor’s daughter, and for many years, has been involved in music ministry as a trained vocalist. Lydia began writing as a hobby when she was a teenager. She is presently a member of Writer’s Unlimited at Manzanita Arts Emporium and the Amador Fiction Writer Critique group. She has recently completed her first novel, Whispering Night, which is a southern fiction.

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