Introducing the Pittsenbargers

In 1987, when my husband, Wallace Ruff, was called to pastor a church in Hollywood, South Carolina, we became acquainted with Evangelist Bill Pittsenbarger and his precious wife Naomi.

Prior to our arrival, Brother Bill, as everyone affectionately knows him, had played a very important role in building and pastoring the church until a permanent pastor was found. Meanwhile, he was still active in holding revivals and preaching throughout the country. It was a blessing to have him return for services at Hollywood for an occasional Sunday or a week of revival. He was always welcomed by our entire church family.

One thing Brother Bill and I share in common is that we were born the same day, the same month, the same year—we are ‘birthday twins.’ Was it coincidental that we shared talents alike? Writing poetry, articles, and drawing, but most of all, our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

On August 31st the Pittsenbargers celebrate
their 60th wedding anniversary!

In 1954 Brother Bill joined the Air Force and became an engineer, serving his country for 9 years. He later joined the Coast Guard Aviation, where he served another 12 years. It was during the latter enlistment, while in Hawaii for 4 years, that he built and pastored a church at Ewa Beach before the Pittsenbargers moved to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Brother Bill and Naomi were married during his time in the Air Force. On August 31st the Pittsenbargers celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary!

In May 2001, when we left Charleston County due to my husband’s illness, we kept in touch with the Pittsenbarger’s, by phone and cards, but mostly we kept up with the Pittsenbargers through their newsletter.

• • • • •

The Pittsenbarger’s newsletter is in 38th year of publication. In the six-page newsletter you will find: an update about what is going on in their lives or across the globe; a famous and meaningful quote; a list of books Brother Bill has for sale; and a poem which he has written. With Backyard Reflections… Brother Bill includes sketched artwork of birds, eagles, squirrels or another animal, whichever one it is he is viewing through the window. With each animal he draws, he includes an interesting story about it. 

On another page there may be an article about current events nationwide. On the last page you find Thoughts to Ponder, Just Rambling, National News, and in the lower right-hand half of the page is TIDBITS, which always brings a chuckle. 

I share about the Pittsenbarger’s newsletter because it has truly been a blessing for me and many others. I can hardly wait to read the newsletter that comes in the mail. It is captivating, and I don’t put it down until I have read it in its entirety. You may receive your own newsletter free of charge, and I would heartily recommend it, to bless and touch your heart, soul, and spirit. 

• • • • •

The Simple Things

By Bill Pittsenbarger

The simple things mean most of all,

When life grows old and shadows fall,

It’s then our memory will recall,

The simple things.

The little things are really best,

And when with age we seek our rest,

The little things will stand the test,

The little things,

A work worn hand on fevered brow,

A tender love that knew just how,

To bring happiness to ‘now,’

The simple things.

The cadence of a loved one’s voice,

Can cause the heart to just rejoice,

And know the simple things were choice,

The simple things,

And so as life shall ebb away,

And I shall live from day to day,

Let me appreciate, I pray,

The simple things.

• • • • •

Ten years ago, Bill Pittsenbarger was diagnosed with an incurable neuromuscular disease which came on “very quickly and with a vengeance.” Unfortunately, it has disabled him such that he has only been able to preach a few times in the past eight and a half years. Next month I will be sharing about Brother Bill’s journey through the valley of his pain and blessing, and how God has used Brother Bill’s journey to comfort and heal many souls. We’ll also be sharing a little more about his books and how to purchase them.

• • • • •

If you would like to receive The LIGHTHOUSE NEWSLETTER bi-monthly publication of The Bill Pittsenbarger Ministries, you may make your request at, If you’d be interested in ordering any of Brother Bill’s books or his artwork, you may also do so by contacting them via email. 

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