Growing Up in the South

The Question of Time

It was a beautiful, sunny, July morning. I was sitting in the hospital, waiting for my upper GI. Waiting! Waiting, because they had inadvertently overlooked me. This was just a few months over a year

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The Saga of Little Black Crumpled Wings

It was the visitation of one lone black butterfly with blue satin on his wings making his appearance at special times in my life while going through the years of my husband’s illness and the

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Valentines Day with the Pittsenbargers

Once again we take you into the life of Evangelist Bill Pittsenbarger. Not only will we be celebrating Valentine’s Day this month, but also we want to say Happy Birthday to Mrs. Naomi Pittsenbarger (her

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Brother Bill Pittsenbarger

Last month we introduced Evangelist Bill Pittsenbarger and his wife Naomi, who presently reside near Charleston, South Carolina –– in the town of Summerville. To most folks he is known simply as Bother Bill, and

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Introducing the Pittsenbargers

In 1987, when my husband, Wallace Ruff, was called to pastor a church in Hollywood, South Carolina, we became acquainted with Evangelist Bill Pittsenbarger and his precious wife Naomi. Prior to our arrival, Brother Bill,

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Shadows of Yesterday

A few weeks ago, my mother shared an essay with us. Today, she is bringing us that essay’s counterpart, a poem entitled Shadows of Yesterday. This has long been one of my favorite poems, and

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Shadows of Yesteryear

Over the years I have enjoyed hearing stories from my parents’ past. My mother was a tomboy through and through and was always finding herself in some kind of trouble. I have asked her to

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