Growing Up in the South

Hoax – Amelia Island Suspense

We’re excited to have Leanna Sain back to tell her about her new book, Hoax, the newest installment of the Amelia Island Suspense series. Leanna joined us back in November 2019 to tell us about

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The Harvest

Waiting. It’s a hard thing to do. I’m the type that when I want something or want to do something, I don’t want to wait for it. And that’s exactly where I have been in

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Overcoming Fear

This year at the 2020 West Coast Christian Writers Conference, I had the joy and privilege of meeting and making friends with Jennifer Baker. After getting to know Jennifer better, I was intrigued by her

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Brother Bill Pittsenbarger

Last month we introduced Evangelist Bill Pittsenbarger and his wife Naomi, who presently reside near Charleston, South Carolina –– in the town of Summerville. To most folks he is known simply as Bother Bill, and

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Shadows of Yesterday

A few weeks ago, my mother shared an essay with us. Today, she is bringing us that essay’s counterpart, a poem entitled Shadows of Yesterday. This has long been one of my favorite poems, and

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Shadows of Yesteryear

Over the years I have enjoyed hearing stories from my parents’ past. My mother was a tomboy through and through and was always finding herself in some kind of trouble. I have asked her to

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