Author Interview:
Kathy Boyd Fellure

This week on Growing Up in the South, I’m changing it up a bit. Instead my usual tale from the South, I am interviewing good friend and author, Kathy Boyd Fellure. Kathy is the author of four children’s books, and the On Water’s Edge Tahoe Trilogy. In this interview, we ask Kathy about Lake Cottage … Read more Author Interview:
Kathy Boyd Fellure

Biltmore House & Gardens

Making plans to vacation in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina this summer? Why not spend some of your time at the spectacular Biltmore House and Gardens?  The estate includes the main house, beautiful gardens, an award-winning winery and more. I’d recommend about 4 hours to really take it all in. Built between … Read more Biltmore House & Gardens

The Ghost Dog of Old Buncombe Road

Deep in the heart of South Carolina, there is a place where carved-out pavement unravels into a timeless spool of history and a thicket of densely wooded forest. It is on this old stagecoach route that weary trekkers and curious onlookers dare not make their presence known late at night. It is said that Old … Read more The Ghost Dog of Old Buncombe Road

Walnut Grove

A manor. A murder. A cemetery. A noticeable stain on the floor. What do these have to do with a beautiful place called Walnut Grove? Established in 1765, Walnut Grove Plantation––of Roebuck, South Carolina––is more than a house and acres of walnut trees. It is a time machine that ushers you into another time. Walnut … Read more Walnut Grove

The Sleeping Preacher

Major Perry, also known as the “Sleeping Preacher”, might have grown up uneducated and on a farm, but his fame would carry on for generations. Born in 1831, his sermons were said to be powerful, sometimes eloquent, and well delivered. Sometimes it would be many that gathered outside his South Carolina home, other times only one or two.

Growing Up in the South

Welcome everyone! I am starting a new blog titled, Growing Up in the South. Let me introduce myself: My name is Lydia Cameron. I enjoy spending time with my family, attending tea parties, and spending a pleasurable evening visiting with others on my porch. I love singing, and spent several years performing publicly. I enjoy reading and listening to audio books. I love writing.