Growing Up in the South

Catherine Moore Barry

In 1776, when war broke out, the Moore’s of Walnut Grove Plantation, were in imminent danger. Tensions were rising, and not just between the Americans

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The Vidalia Onion

What makes the world famous Vidalia onion so unusually different? How is it that this succulent vegetable has such an ambrosial flavor? In late spring,

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Shadows of Yesteryear

Over the years I have enjoyed hearing stories from my parents’ past. My mother was a tomboy through and through and was always finding herself

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Biltmore House & Gardens

Making plans to vacation in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina this summer? Why not spend some of your time at the spectacular

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About Lydia

A South Carolina native, Lydia Cameron resides in the foothills of Northern California with her husband, youngest son, and six-pound poodle. Lydia is a pastor’s daughter, and for many years, has been involved in music ministry as a trained vocalist. Lydia began writing as a hobby when she was a teenager. She is presently a member of Writer’s Unlimited at Manzanita Arts Emporium and the Amador Fiction Writer Critique group. She has recently completed her first novel, Whispering Night, which is a southern fiction.

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